1st International Industrial AI Applications Summit • I2A2

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Where in industrial processing and machinery is AI already being used?

The goal of the event is to showcase real industrial AI deployments with proven business benefits, and to explain how machine – human collaboration has helped to optimize industrial processes and innovate new products.

Location: Virtual and on-demand video channel

Live dates: March 24–26, 2021

Time: 8:30am – 4pm CET

Why is this important?

AI in industrial (manufacturing, energy) applications is at the beginning of its life cycle. According to a very recent analyst report*, in the near term only 14% of companies will have adopted AI solutions, but in 3 to 7 years an additional 83% will join the club. So now is the time to prepare for this wave and if you aim to be an innovation leader to engage.

Who should attend?
The event will provide insights into real AI client projects. It is suitable for both technology and operations management as well as R&D and innovation decision makers. In particular, strategy and business development officers will be able to profit by getting insights into what is real and what is hype, what can be done now and what will need more research work in the coming years.

What will you learn?
How AI is used in industrial processes and industrial machinery products. The challenges, opportunities and realized business benefits.

Whom will you meet?
You can have 1:1 online meetings with participants as well as the speakers.

Can I watch it also later?
Yes, you will first need to register in order to gain access to our video channel where the talks and panels can be re- watched.

Day 1, March 24 – AI Technologies and Projects

TimePresentations, PanelsSpeakersIndustriesApplication Area
8:30amKeynote 1Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber
allIndustrial AI
9-10amUser Assistance System (UAS) in Glass ProductionJonathan Masci
Co-founder and Director of Deep Learning
Specialty glassProcess modeling
10-11amAutomatic Wind Turbine Inspection with DronesTom Sulzer
Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories
Asha Anoosheh
Research Scientist
Renewable energyInspection
11-12pmAI-Driven Process Monitoring and Simulation in Additive ManufacturingFlorian Trifterer
Senior Researcher
Harald Krauss
Technical Project Manager
Additive manufacturingProcess modeling
2-3pmOverview of Physical Analytics Research with a Focus on Semiconductor Manufacturing ApplicationsDragan Djurdjanovic
University of Texas at Austin
Semiconductor ManufacturingAdvanced Process Control
3-4pmPanel 1: Technology, project challenges and solutionsFaustino Gomez
and speakers
allAI technologies and projects

Day 2, March 25 – AI Technology Infrastructures & Platforms

TimePresentations, PanelsSpeakersIndustriesApplication Area
8:30amKeynote 2: Introduction of Industrial AI with Applications - Systematic ApproachProf. Jay Lee
Vice Chairman and Board Member
9-10amControl Theory meets Artificial Intelligence: Safe AI-driven Industrial Process ControlMarco Gallieri
Senior Researcher
allProcess control
10-11amContinental’s IT Infrastructure for AI ProjectsDubravko Dolic
Head of Advanced Analytics & AI
Continental Tires
AutomotiveIT Infrastructure
11-12pmEnhancing AI Across the Intelligent Edge Ecosystem ArchitectMax Morwind
Technical Sales Lead
EMEA Global Black Belt IoT
Gerhard Ebinger
IoT Solutions
allCloud infrastructure
2-3pmFog AI – Foxconn’s Industrial AI PlatformKeyi Sun
Head of Industrial AI
Foxconn Industrial Internet
allIndustrial AI platform
3-4pmFireside chat with Prof. Jay Lee, State of Industrial AI and where we are headedRalf Haller with Prof. Jay LeeallIT infrastructure and platforms

Day 3, March 26 – AI Business Cases – Challenges vs. Opportunities

TimePresentations, PanelsSpeakersIndustriesApplication Area
8:30amKeynote 3: smartFactory – How AI is used in Industry 4.0Prof. Martin Ruskowski
Head of Smart Factories
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
ManufacturingAutomation, integration, and human-machine interfaces
9-10amState of AI in Industrial Processing – Hype vs. Reality and Human-Machine Collaboration TrendsRalf Haller
EVP Sales & Marketing
allIndustrial process and products
10-11amIndustrial Plant of the Future: How Control + AI Technology Improve OperationsSimon Rogers
VP Digital Solutions
Chemical/PetrochemicalProcess control
11-12pmHow to Fast-Track your AI Projects with State-of-the-art ML ServicesJennifer Glore
Senior Director, Customer Engineering
SambaNova Systems
Industrial AIall
2-3pmNVIDIA’s Perspective on Industrial AI & Transformative Industrial AI Use CasesPiyush Modi
AI Compute Strategy/Business Development for Industrial IOT
Industrial AIall
3-4pmPanel 3: How to integrate AI projects into your enterprise?Florian Gueldner
Research Director
ARC Advisory Group
and speakers
Innovation Strategyall

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