Software Engineer – AGI

Lugano, Switzerland  Full Time

NNAISENSE is dedicated to building the first general-purpose AI and deploy it across many branches of industry as a scalable and trustable means of automation. We are seeking experienced software engineers to join our team to build and train the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system. You will work closely with the core designers, to build a toolchain to raise AIs, and with the AIs themselves: teaching, benchmarking, turning them into demonstrators and client-specific applications.


  • Design, implement and maintain a simulator to raise AIs and demonstrate their skills.
  • Implement tools for debugging, profiling and benchmarking AIs.
  • Contribute to the AGI code base.
  • Maintain and extend the company's stack of internal tools.
  • Occasionally, contribute to selected high-profile client projects.
  • In the near future, and depending on interests and competencies, join the effort to design novel hardware architectures for AGI.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5 years in the industry.
  • Masters or PhD in Engineering, Physics, Control Theory or Computer Science.
  • Expert knowledge of C++11, development on both Windows and Linux, target x86.
  • Expert knowledge of multi-threading.
  • Ability to profile and optimize code, working knowledge of assembly.
  • Experience in designing complex software architectures that are flexible, extensible and efficient.
  • Proven track record of delivering industry-grade software.
  • Working knowledge of network programming (TCP, UDP, IP).
  • Engineering mindset.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.


  • Working knowledge of a high-end 3D rendering engine such as Unreal Engine 4 (preferred), CryEngine 5, Unigine 2.
  • Experience in reverse engineering/code protection.
  • Experience in writing compilers.
  • Experience with manycore processors such as Intel Knights Landing, Kalray MPPA, Tilera TilePro64.
  • GPGPU programming, OpenCL.
  • Working knowledge of low-latency interconnects (e.g. Infiniband, OmniPath).
  • Experience in the video game industry.
  • Experience with embedded systems.
  • Demonstrated contribution to the field of AI.


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