The Dawn of AI


NNAISENSE leverages the 25-year proven track record of one of the leading research teams in AI to build large-scale neural network solutions for superhuman perception and intelligent automation, with the ultimate goal of marketing general-purpose Artificial Intelligences.


Jürgen Schmidhuber

Chief Scientist, Co-founder

IDSIA Director since 1995

PhD, TU München, 1991

Professor University of Lugano

Self-improving AI, artificial curiosity, recurrent neural networks, deep learning

2013 Helmholtz Award

2015 IEEE CIS Neural Network Pioneer Award

Faustino Gomez

CEO, Co-founder

Senior Researcher, IDSIA, 2007-2014

Postdoc, IDSIA, 2004-2007

PhD, University of Texas, 2003

Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Reinforcement Learning

Jan Koutník


Postdoc, IDSIA, 2009-2016

PhD, Czech Technical University in Prague, 2008

Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Reinforcement Learning

Bas Steunebrink


Postdoc, IDSIA since 2010

PhD, Utrecht University, 2010

Artificial General Intelligence, Meta-Learning Bounded-optimal decision making, Affective computing

Jonathan Masci


Postdoc, USI in Lugano since 2014

PhD, University of Lugano 2014

Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Shape Analysis

Rupesh Srivastava

Research Scientist

Very Deep Learning
Recurrent Neural Networks
Evolutionary Algorithms


Jaan Tallinn

Skype, Kazaa

Sepp Hochreiter

Neural Network Pioneer
Johannes Kepler University Linz

Marcus Hutter

Universal AI Pioneer
Australian National University